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Connect to Database on Server: localhost

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SQL Query
SET @@sql_mode = ''

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Datastore Setup
SQL Query
FROM datastore
WHERE title IN ('','options','bitfields','attachmentcache','forumcache','usergroupcache','stylecache','languagecache','products','pluginlist','cron','profilefield','loadcache','noticecache','userstats','birthdaycache','maxloggedin','iconcache','eventcache','mailqueue')
1SIMPLEdatastoreALLPRIMARY   49Using where

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Session Handling
SQL Query
FROM session
WHERE userid = 0
	AND host = ''
	AND idhash = '995638dbbca5a9eb2a055a9238406069'
1SIMPLEsessionALL    143Using where

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SQL Query
SELECT languageid,
			phrasegroup_global AS phrasegroup_global,
			phrasegroup_holiday AS phrasegroup_holiday,
			options AS lang_options,
			languagecode AS lang_code,
			charset AS lang_charset,
			locale AS lang_locale,
			imagesoverride AS lang_imagesoverride,
			dateoverride AS lang_dateoverride,
			timeoverride AS lang_timeoverride,
			registereddateoverride AS lang_registereddateoverride,
			calformat1override AS lang_calformat1override,
			calformat2override AS lang_calformat2override,
			logdateoverride AS lang_logdateoverride,
			decimalsep AS lang_decimalsep,
			thousandsep AS lang_thousandsep
FROM language
WHERE languageid = 1
1SIMPLElanguagesystemPRIMARY   1 

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SQL Query
REPLACE INTO datastore
	(title, data, unserialize)
	('loadcache', 'a:2:{s:7:\"loadavg\";s:5:\"0.00,\";s:9:\"lastcheck\";i:1556265992;}', 1)

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SQL Query
FROM style
WHERE (styleid = 6 AND userselect = 1)
	OR styleid = 6
ORDER BY styleid ASC

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SQL Query
SELECT title, template
FROM template
WHERE templateid IN (17413,17505,17507,17508,17509,17510,17511,17512,17513,17515,17516,17517,17518,17519,17514,17506,11515,10694,17912,17415,17414,17416,17411,17410,17687,9293,17639,17640,17641,17907,17910,17919,17660,17661,17662,17663,17861,17924,17923,17925,17928)
1SIMPLEtemplaterangePRIMARYPRIMARY4 41Using where

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SQL Query
	user.username, (user.options & 512) AS invisible, user.usergroupid,
	session.userid, session.inforum, session.lastactivity, session.badlocation,
 			IF(user.displaygroupid=0, user.usergroupid, user.displaygroupid) AS displaygroupid, infractiongroupid
FROM session AS session
LEFT JOIN user AS user ON(user.userid = session.userid)

WHERE session.lastactivity > 1556264192
ORDER BY username ASC
1SIMPLEsessionALL    143Using where; Using temporary; Using filesort

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SQL Query
SELECT forum.forumid, lastpost, lastposter, lastthread, lastthreadid, lasticonid, threadcount, replycount, lastpostid, lastprefixid
FROM forum AS forum
1SIMPLEforumALL    26 

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SQL Query
UPDATE session
SET lastactivity = 1556265992, location = '/board/index.php?explain=1'
WHERE sessionhash = '84988b3a7a59a30af89cec27e7452a7d'

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